Adverting is everywhere, we can’t escape it. Just think how many advertisements you have seen today? At the bus stop, on your phone, and in a newspaper, it has become a subconscious consumption. Imagine a world with no advertising, weird.  With the growth of advertising on social media, it’s opened a whole new platform to  Read More »

The Penguin update is to target sites which are deemed ‘spammy’ and violating Google’s link building guidelines. Google, in Google style hasn’t released any more details about the update but I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later. The update is not yet named but it is one of the longest awaited updates in search  Read More »

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Another day, another reason to go mobile. This week Google are back on the testing, this time with some brand new ‘not mobile friendly’ icons, and are testing whether or not users will respond well to listings with a ‘no mobile’ icon, a ‘mobile’ icon, or no icon at all. It’s yet another manifestation of  Read More »

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Brands are already getting their advertising campaigns into full swing to ensure they are the top performing brand this coming season. Last year consumers spent a huge £91 billion within the Christmas season, which was up 18 percent from 2012. Experts are predicting that online spending will break records this Christmas season, with a key  Read More »

Facebook is planning to launch mobile payments using their Facebook Messenger App. Users will be able to add a credit or debit card to a Facebook account and send across money to friends via the messenger application. Andrew Aude, an IOS developer said ‘you attach money just like you attach a photo’. Like a photo!?  Read More »

Countless social media platforms exist in today’s world, every year younger generations are introduced to the internet and social media becomes a ‘must have’ to stay in trend. Older generations also feel the pressure to ‘get with the times’ and use emailing and some forms of social platforms as a way of communicating with others.  Read More »

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What was the first social platform you remember? Look back at the days where there was one instant messaging service and one dominant social platform. For me, it was MSN messenger and hi5; these platforms have now been discontinued or pushed to the bottom of the social media pile. It was easier for younger generations  Read More »